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255 Fisher Street

North Bay, Ontario

Innovation Through Play

Play4Prosperity  is focused on helping communities grow and prosper economically and socially.  We look to inspire Entrepreneurs, support Charities and raise Social Awareness.  Find the clarity to understand your now, your tomorrow and your way forward.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), recognizes the educational value of play as follows:

Lego Serious Play

Leveraging the Power of Play

The benefits of play are recognized by the scientific community. There is now evidence that neural pathways in children’s brains are influenced and advanced in their development through exploration, thinking skills, problem solving, and language expression that occur during play. Research also demonstrates that play-based learning leads to greater social, emotional, and academic success. Based on such evidence, ministers of education endorse a sustainable pedagogy for the future that does not separate play from learning but brings them together to promote creativity in future generations. In fact, play is considered to be so essential to healthy development that the United Nations has recognized it as a specific right for all children.

CMEC, 2012

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