How Might WE

We are centralizing ideas and tips from the pro's on an ongoing basis. Got an idea or information on growing sales in this environment? Message us and we will share the wealth !

Increase Sales Directly and by Building your brand !

  • Revamping your website in this downtime to allow for on-line ordering of your goods or services and connect with delivery/taxi companies where opportunities exist to move inventory or supplies.

  • Engage customers as a way to “get stickiness for your brand or company name” and as a way to stay connected. This might serve you well long term and increase customer loyalty

  • Thinking about alternate uses for your inventory or production facilities to meet certain demands during this period where appropriate  (encourage employee ideas welcome !!)

  • Donate anything that will perish by making a list available in your website.  Someone or some organizations may be able to pick up safely.