Today we officially kick started our FIND YOUR FIVE High School Challenge to support Hospice awareness and to raise funds for the Children's Play Area at the Nipissing Serenity Hospice. The focus of our campaign is twofold; we want to raise the level of awareness and engagement of our young people on this topic while showing them the difference that one person, one mobile device and 5 connections can make.

​​First out of the gate is Chippewa High school. The Raiders opening their hearts and minds to this slightly unconventional approach of engaging the power of our highly connected youth. Students and staff gave us their time and attention and embraced our cause. Even the loud boom of our T-Shirt cannon was barely audible over RAIDER chants and overwhelming support.

The FIND YOUR FIVE campaign has a simple message:

  1. Take 5 minutes and find it in you to give a $5 donation to our playroom, with a simple text.

  2. Use the power of your social network to FIND 5 Friends and ask them to do the same.

  3. Ask those 5 Friends to FIND THEIR 5

With these simple steps the POWER of ONE is multiplied by 5 and that can turn a $5 donation into a $30 or $150 donation to make our Playroom vision a reality.

It is our hope that Chippewa's leadership will inspire other High Schools to join the challenge and FIND THEIR FIVE.

You have to GIVE before you GET.

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