One Person and the Power of 5

What do you get when you mix LEGO®, TEXTING, a T-Shirt Cannon and the energy of young people across the Near North District School Board? You get an innovative and exciting Serenity Hospice Fundraiser called the Find Your Five Hospice Challenge!

The FIND YOUR FIVE Challenge for Hospice is a mobile giving campaign developed in partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada. One Hundred percent of the donations will be going to the construction of the children’s playroom at the Nipissing Serenity Hospice.

The program was designed to raise awareness and engage our young people across the region. Using the High School community and mobile texting is our way of reaching them where they are while at the same time creating an easy way for them to contribute if they so choose.

This campaign would not be possible without the leadership and support of our Directors or education and our school principals, they have all been true champions of the community.

Today our young people have a powerful “connection” to each other and the world at large, more so than any generation before them. They can pin, post, tweet, snap and blog with their social network and for that matter the entire globe to make great change if the choose.

There has always been a strong tradition of friendly competition across our high school communities so we have challenged students and faculty at the participating schools to compete across the District. The challenge? Use your social network to raise awareness and funds for the children’s playroom. We will give special recognition to the top schools and the top grade contributions in each school.

We wanted to ask them to use that connection and the power of their social networks to educate and raise awareness amongst their peers and the community as a whole and hopefully help us raise some money to helps children find play at a time when they need it most.

The Program is simple. With an understanding of the “what and the why” of Hospice we ask them to;

1. Take 5 minutes and reflect on our cause and FIND it in them to give FIVE dollars ($5)

2. FIND FIVE friends in their social network and share our message

3. Ask those five friends to “FIND FIVE”

Our hope is that through the power of social media and the universal access most of us have to texting we can reach out to Alumni and those who hold North Bay in their hearts in and beyond our borders to join the campaign.

The campaign comes to a big finish on May 27 and 28 at the Northgate Mall, where in the spirit of play we will be holding a BRICKS4HOSPICE LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® event. At which time we will not only recognize the contributions of all the schools but engage families and youth across the community to “play with purpose” using LEGO® bricks. Our master builder will be coming up from Toronto to build a LEGO® replica of the Hospice, we will have LEGO® to give a ways all the while teaching through play the importance of community awareness and involvement. We hope the entire community will come out and join us for 2 days of LEGO® fun.

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