How Might WE

Keep Employees working 

We are centralizing ideas and tips from the pro's on an ongoing basis. Have an idea on staff retention and utilization ? Message us and we will share the wealth !

Understand Your Obligations

Legal responsibilities for employers.   Understanding the rules can save a lot of problems by doing things right at the beginning.   Some perspective from the Financial Post - Employment lawyer Howard Levitt answers more of your workplace questions regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Optimize Staff Utilization

Keep your staff working if you can afford to do so - check your cash flow planning to confirm:

  1. Can alternate work be assigned;

  2. Can maintenance work be moved up - Repaint/refurbish premises while closed

  3. Can Out-sourced tasked be reassigned in house to save money and utilize staff

  4. Can employees work 4/5 or 3/5 days to keep business momentum.

  5. Is it Practical to reduce hours across the board. 

Re-purpose Work & Think Community

  1. Can you re-purpose your fleet and assist deliveries to EMS and food banks and other essential services 

  2. Can your call centre be used to check-in with seniors and other disabled individuals to keep them connected and determine if they need anything urgent (rosters from community organizations/churches, member driven organizations)

Catch Up on Planning & Education

Use the downtime of staff to do complete tasks that you have been putting off: 

  1. Annual mandatory or useful on-line training that no-one ever seems to have time to do when they are busy. (Health and safety training and WHIMIS updates, certification updates, Red Cross/First Aid  certification and updates , management training such as "dealing with difficult Employees, Smart Serve  etc) 

  2. Updating your strategic plans and emergency plans

  3. Do an inventory count of parts and supplies (pre-audit) and do a roll forward to save time later

  4. Prepare in advance any RFP's that will need to go out when up and running again

  5. Prepare in advance any marketing campaigns to deal with pent up demand when Covid-19  ends

  6. Review and update all sections of the company website to ensure accurate and relevant and that all  links work